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        高頻詞匯(200組) (7)-成考高起點英語復習資料

        成人高考信息網 發布時間:2018-12-17 10:35:30

        121、be concerned with (=about) 與…有關

          122、concern oneself about with 關心

          123、in conclusion(=as the last thing)最后一點; at the conclusion of 當…結束時;

          124、condemn sb. to 判決

          125、on condition that (=if)以…為條件, 假如。 in that = because因為; now that = since既然 for all that = although 盡管

          126、in out of condition (=thoroughly healthy or fit not fit) 健康狀況好不好. in good (bad) condition處于良好(壞)狀態

          127、confess(to)(=admit a fault, crime, or sth. wrong)承認, 供認; confess to a crime 承認罪行。

          128、confide in (=to talk freely to sb. about one's secret) 對…講真心話, 依賴

          129、in confidence 推心置腹地; with confidence 滿懷信心地; have confidence in 對…有信心

          130、confidence in sb. sth. 對…的信賴

          131、be confident of 有信心; confidential 機密的

          132、confine…to… 把…限制在某范圍內

          133、confirm sb. in 使某人更堅定(信念等)

          134、conform to (=be in agreement with, comply with) 符合,遵照,遵守;1)obey 服從; 2) observe; 3)comply with照…辦; 4)keep to遵循; 5)abide by服從;6)stick to按……做

          135、be confronted with(=be brought face to face with) 面對, 面臨

          136、congratulate sb. on 祝賀

          137、in connection with(=with regard to)關于,

          138、be conscious of(=be aware of)覺察,知道

          139、consent to(=give agreement to permission)同意

          140、in consequence (=as a result) 結果