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        高頻詞匯(200組) (8)-成考高起點英語復習資料

        成人高考信息網 發布時間:2018-12-17 10:35:49

        141、keep company with (=be friendly go out together) 和…要好。

          142、compare…with … 把…與…比較

          143、compare…to… 把…比作…

          144、by comparison 比較起來

          145、in comparison with (=in contrast to) 和…比起來

          146、compensate for (=give sth. to make up for) 補償, 賠償,彌補 compensate sb. for sth. 賠償,彌補

          147、complain of (or about)抱怨;訴苦;控告;complain about 抱怨某人或事情; complain to sb. about sth. (or sb.) 向某人抱怨…; complain (抱怨); complement (補充); compliment (恭維)

          148、comply with (=act in accordance with a demand, order, rule etc.) 遵守, 依從

          149、conceive of (think of, imagine, consider) 想象,設想

          150、concentrate on (or upon) 集中,專心

          151、be content with(=be satisfied with) 滿足于be content to do sth. 愿意做某事

          152、contrary to (=in opposition to) 與…相反

          153、on the contrary 相反

          154、contrast…with 把…與…相對(對照)

          155、in contrast towith 和…形成對比 by contrast 對比之下

          156、contribute to 有助于

          157、under control (被)控制住 out of control無法控制

          158、at one's convenience(=where when it suits one) 在方便的時間或地點 .be convenient to for 對…方便

          159、convince sb. of (=cause sb. to believe or feel certain;to persuade sb.) 使某人確信,try to persuade sb. to do sth.勸說某人做…

          160、cope with(=deal with,try to find a solution to)應付,處理