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        成人高考信息網 發布時間:2019-10-28 16:28:49

          1.broad 2.official 3.purse 4.give 5.question 6.on

          7.take 8.D couldn't 9.C already 10.C is writing

          11.B playing 12.A who 13.D neither 14.D whether

          15.A turn off 16.C will see 17.D I'd love to

          18.A to do 19.B but 20.B pleasing 21.A cheered

          22.D hold 23.A go 24.C promised 25. B play

          26.D at last 27.D seen 28.D waiting 29. C find

          30.A because 31.B bought 32.D got 33.A found

          34.D safe 35.B sorry 51、This is David speaking.

          52、Would you like to go to the museum?

          53、How can I go there? 54、I will take bus 202 to there.

          55.What time shall we meet?


          Dear Tim

          The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. I think it will offer you a good chance to experience Chinese cultures and customs, especially in a Chinese home, so I'd like to invite you to spend the festival with my family if it is convenient for you.

          On that day, first, there will be a big dinner, and you will enjoy the traditional Chinese dishes to be prepared by my mother. Then at night sharing moon cakes while admiring