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        成人高考信息網 發布時間:2018-12-17 11:36:14


          疑問代詞包括what, which, who, whom, whose, 可以用來構成特殊疑問句,也可以引導名詞從句。 What, which, who在句子中作主語或賓語,whom作賓語,whose作定語。如:

          Who is speaking? (主語)

          Which do you prefer, the yellow one or the white one? (賓語)

          Whats your sister?(表語)

          The man who is talking with my mother is an engineer。(引導定從句)

          The old man whose son is studying abroad is our formal dean of the department. (引導定從句)

          This is the plane which will fly to Wuhan this afternoon. (引導定從句)

          I dont remember whom I have lent my dictionary to. (引導賓語從句)

          疑問代詞what, which, who, whom后面可以加ever來加重語氣。如:

          Whoever can be calling at this time of the night ?誰這么深更半夜來找人?

          Ill say whatever comes into my head。

          Take whichever book you like。