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        成人高考信息網 發布時間:2018-12-17 11:41:59

        Traffic accidents are known as one of the most serious problems in today’s society .We can see it almost everywhere. A mojority of them are caused by private cars.

          Indeed,the phenomenon of private cars has many advantages. First of all,the increasing number of private cars stands for the growth of economy. Further more,the private cars growing ,it is convenient for us to go outside we can go anywhere anytime.In the meantime,we must realize the disadventage of the issue of traffic accidents.Most traffic accidents result from private cars .The increasing number of private cars may give rise to a host of problems.For instance,the traffic accidents,traffic jam so on, especially the traffic accidents,they may make a lot of people injured also die.

          As far as I am concernend, the proper attitude towards private cars traffic accidents is that we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation.On the one h,the drivers should follow the traffic rules.On the other hand,if it is not necessary , we can go outside by bus.